After two years of working as a freelancer and digital nomad. During that time, I learned a lot both about the software engineering side as well as on the people management. I learned a lot, and I mean a lot. Moreover, I got interested in a topic more than ever: Organizational Psychology.

I have the honor of working as a people manager for quite some time now, and I enjoyed doing so. I also got great feedback from all sides. However, I never really learned my trade. Yes, I had lots of courses. However, I never sufficiently dived into the theory behind it. So, I started my studies on Organizational Psychology.

Now, it is time to put my actions where my heart is. I decided to join Go PLC, one of the leading telcos in Malta, and support its way of digital transformation. We are set up to transform Go fundamentally, and I am sure my team will play a significant role.

I just started and every day is full of learning. However, I already have seen so much potential. I hope it shows that I am energized

One more thing I want to share: One of my team members told me that he researched on me when he learned that I would take over the team. I talked to many people and got, in general, very good feedback (to all feedbackers: I feel honored. This is the real and true feedback.) … however,… one person said that I am a dreamer.

OK, that made me think. First, I accept that feedback. I am a dreamer and a big one. Moreover, I decided deliberately to stay like that. I was too often successful in doing so. Secondly, I accept that dreamers can be dangerous. I accept that I must reflect and weigh my dreams against realities.

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